AKGA Performance Test Participants List (AKGA PTL)

In a continuing effort to support the breed and the membership of the AKGA, the association invites its current members who consign goats to central performance tests to email the Chairman of the AKGA Performance Committee with details of the tests to which they have consigned. The members will then have their farms, along with the tests they have attended over the years, listed below. If you would like to be listed, or if your listing is incorrect or incomplete, please email the AKGA Performance Committee Chairman- PJMurphyemail@gmail.com  Other than corrections sent to the Performance Committee Chair, this page will be updated semi-annually. 

Everyone likes to see goats do very well at the central performance tests. However, no matter how the kids perform, participation in a central performance test indicates a dedication to the working origins of the Kiko breed and a commitment by the breeder to select animals who can positively contribute to their breeding program and potentially the breeding program of others. Many breeders use the tests to assess new genetics on their farm and some use the test as a tool to aid in the selection of a future herdsire.


It is the AKGA's belief that such members deserve recognition and we aim to aid both consignors and prospective performance tested goat buyers to reach each other. This will help spread the tested goats' genetics and help new buyers more easily achieve success by using goats who are from performance minded producers and who are expected to perform. This list will be updated semi-annually.


For full contact info for any of the members listed below, visit the member list on the AKGA website: