Farm Data Programs


Why collect On-Farm Data?

On-Farm Data collection has been the basis for improvement within all breeds of livestock for time immemorial. While undoubtedly this collection of data was done by observation through most of time, modern exact data collection has enabled many breeds of livestock to improve immensely. On-farm data collection dictates the improvement of the quality of livestock on every farm in the long-term. Breeders who are very attentive to data collection and analysis, are breeders who really know their goats. By knowing their goats, these breeders are able to improve the quality of their stock. They make on-farm data the basis for replacement selection. On-farm data collection complements data collected at central performance tests to give a more complete picture of the qualities of the breeders stock. It also enables the breeder to evaluate maternal qualities within his goats. The weight of kid reared to weaning by a doe is the key factor in evaluating her performance for that year. 

On-Farm Data Programs 

The AKGA encourages its members to participate in the following three programs.

The Goat Herd Improvement Program at Kentucky State University. This program is run by Dr. Andries and has been ongoing for some time. Contact Dr. Andries

The Meat Goat Genetic Evaluation System at Tennessee State University. This program is run by Dr. Browning. Newly established in 2014, the program intends to calculate EBV's.

"Kid Plan" from the National Sheep Improvement Program. Established for quite some time now, the NSIP has been newly re-launched and uses well-established software from Australia to calculate EBVs. It has a Goat Sub-Committee. Dr Andries chairs the Goat Sub-Committee. 

AKGA Members who are participants in any of the three programs outlined above can request inclusion on the Farm Data Programs' List (AKGA FDPL). Other programs may be included as the meat-goat industry changes. Requests for inclusion on the FDPL should be emailed to the Performance Committee Chairperson- 

Please include some verification of your participation in the programs with your request. Participants from January 2015 are eligible. Thank you.