The AKGA PTP was suspended in 2015 to allow more focus on new farm data based programs. These include the NSIP Kid Plan and the MGGES At TSU and the GHIP At KSU. 
The PTP is replaced by the AKGA "Performance-Test Participants List" (AKGA PTL) Consignors to Central Performance Tests who are current AKGA Members are invited to have their farms listed by the year and test they are participating in. The PTL starts from January 2015. If you would like to be listed, please email the AKGA Performance Committee Chairman-

Step 1 - Select A Sanctioned Test

The AKGA has a list of sanctioned tests. This lists Meat Goat Performance Tests with an established relationship with the AKGA Performance Committee for the purpose of inclusion in the AKGA PTP.
Sanctioned Tests List:
Join the test mailing list -
Send an e-mail message to In the body of the message, write: subscribe meatgoattest.
Barney Howard, test director. His email is 
Join the test mailing list -
Join the test mailing list -
To be sanctioned, a test must:
  1. Be run scientifically, independently and transparently
  2. Data must be easily accessed, downloaded and printed from the internet by consignors and the general public for no charge.
  3. The test officials have be willing to express a willingness to work with the AKGA in its attempts to verify the identities of AKGA Performance Test Program eligible bucks.
  4. Adequately monitor performance by taking measurements of no less than 2 of the traits that make up the Test Performance grades. That is A. ADG B. FEC C. Rib Eye Area
  5. Be a minimum of 60 days long
If you are the administrator of a meat goat performance test or you know of a test that is not listed and would like to participate please contact us to discuss adding it to our list. 
Step 2 - Determine Eligibility  
Eligibility of Bucks
From Jan 1 2013, Bucks must be nominated before the 15th day from the commencement of the AKGA sanctioned test.
The Identification Information required is;
 Federal Scrapie Program Herd number and Tag number of each goat. (Unique National Number)
  1. The Test Tag Number or Test Identification
  2. Sire AKGA registered Name and AKGA Registration Number
  3. Dam AKGA registered name and AKGA Registration Number
  4. Have an already implanted microchip number submitted with nomination form.
  5. (Some bucks will be scanned randomly by test officials at drop off time at test site.)
Breeder and Buck Eligibility Criteria
As with all other breed performance programs, Breeders/Owners and the buck must meet certain criteria. These criteria are subject to change for future years.
A. Buck Breeder/Owner must be an AKGA Member. 
B. The buck must be registered or be eligible to be registered with the AKGA as a Purebred (includes NZs) 
C. Buck must be a minimum of 40 lbs at start of test.
D. Nomination forms must be completely filled in and received by Performance Committee chair before the 15th day of the test.
 Step 3 - Nomination


Before nominating a buck, please read through the entire AKGA Performance Page and understand all the rules and how the PTP designator is calculated.  

A separate form must be submitted for each buck test breeder is entering bucks into.
Form to be submitted to AKGA Performance Committee Chair:

*Microchip number must match exactly the microchip number submitted on the AKGA registration application if AKGA registration is later applied for.