CONTACTING THE REGISTRAR - If you have any questions related to animal registration, you may reach the AKGA Registrar, Christina Morris,  Mon-Fri 3pm-9pm CST.  Call 270-881-8456.



The Kiko Goat Registry is responsible for the registration of Kiko goats. The registry, owned by the American Kiko Goat Association, operates a single seamless registry for all Kiko goats (whether purebred or crossbred) and all Genemasters . By maintaining a single registry the integrity of the pedigree record as entered in the Registry's database is maintained and the registration certificates issued by the Registry are certified accurate against a wider database than if each country issued their own registrations.

The Registry has three divisions: one for purebred Kikos, one for crossbred Kikos and one for Genemasters. Other files record the details of all Boer goats used in the Genemaster program. The three divisions are mutually self checking allowing for rapid verification of stock born as a result of upgrading and crossbreeding programs.

The Registry also undertakes the transfer of all Kiko and Genemaster goats. Accordingly, records of all goats registered and the transfers between owners are compiled within a single computer program allowing for quick processing of applications to register and transfer.
Applications to register and transfer goats for residents in North America can be found under the "Forms" tab on this website.

The AKGA supervises the registration and transfer of American and Canadian goats. All registration applications in North America must be processed through the American Kiko Goat Association. If you have a procedural query about registrations, however, you may address them directly to the Registry.
All goats being registered must conform with the Registry's rules regarding identification and ownership. These are specified in the "Identification Standards for Kiko goats" and "Requirements for Registration". These rules apply to purebred Kikos, crossbred Kikos and Genemasters.

Downloadable versions of the forms "Application For Registration" and "Application To Transfer Registered Animal" are available by clicking on "Forms" on menu bar above.