2013 Oklahoma Buck Test Sanctioned

 In the past few days it has come to the attention of the AKGA Performance Committee that a new central performance test has become available to AKGA members.

 The Eastern Oklahoma State College test announced last week is taking entries for a test that will be run over the summer of 2013. The Performance Committee has been in contact with the test director and has confirmed that the Eastern Oklahoma State College test qualifies as an AKGA Performance Testing Program test. The AKGA Board of Directors has taken swift action to sanction this test for the AKGA PTP.

 Therefore, anybody interested in sending bucks to the newly available and approved test should immediately review the conditions for application for participation in the test. To be part of the AKGA PTP, the bucks must be eligible for registration as purebred (includes NZs) and be implanted with a microchip. Applications to the AKGA PTP must be received within 14 days of commencement of the test. All animals would have to be registered using the same microchip number, if/when registration is applied for with the AKGA. Microchip numbers will be randomly checked to ensure consistency between the application and registration processes.

To learn more about the Eastern Oklahoma State College buck test, please visit their website and direct questions to Barney Howard, test director. His email isbhoward@eosc.edu 

The webpage you need to visit for the EOSC Goat Test is


If you'd like to speak to somebody directly about the AKGA PTP please contact PJ Murphy at 908-612-8860 or email to pjmurphyemail@gmail.com

 If you are attending the 2013 annual convention in OK over the weekend of 6/14-15 and would like to take the opportunity to deliver bucks to the test, please direct inquires about possible early drop off to Barney Howard, Test Director.