Forms Instructions


To the right are links to all the current AKGA BOD approved forms.  The top list are forms you can print out and fill in by hand, for mailing.  When each form opens there is a printer at the top of each form – just click the printer!  A Fees & Order Form must accompany all orders.

Online Registration and Membership applications:  You can now submit registration and membership applications online, for prepaid orders, by using the Registration Application and Membership Application links to the right, under “Online Forms.”  Be sure when supplying your “herd prefix” where it is requested on this form that you put the 3 letter prefix, not your herd number.  Supplying your herd number rather than your herd prefix will cause the system to reject the application and will result in delays in processing your order. Registration and membership applications filled in and submitted online have various “required” fields and the submission of these forms will be blocked if required items are not filled in. Keep in mind that the checkmark at the bottom of each form is being used in place of a signature on forms submitted online and is required.  It is highly recommended that after filling in your form, you print it for your records before hitting “submit.” Remember, these forms are only for prepaid orders.  You may prepay an order via PayPal by submitting payment via the Online Payment form, or by making a payment to with PayPal, or by requesting the Treasurer invoice you via PayPal using the same email address  - to send your request for an invoice to.


Please insure you have completed all the information on the forms. Incomplete forms will delay the processing of your request. When printing out and filling in your forms by hand, it is recommended to complete all forms with a ball point pen.  Be sure you sign and date all forms being mailed in. Forms without signatures and/or dates will be returned to the requestor and will delay the processing of your request.


Complete a Fees and Order Form and include it with your request. Mail all forms to the address indicated on the forms. (Also listed below) Mailing forms to any address other than the one indicated on the forms will delay the processing of your request.

AKGA c/o Associated Registry
305 Lincoln St. PO Box 231
Wamego, KS 66547