Why Join the AKGA?

Thank you for your interest in joining the American Kiko Goat Association! If you are ready to join right now, click here to access our New Member Application Online Form, or if you prefer to mail in your application simply click here and scroll down to access our downloadable/mail-in New Member Application. If you would like to learn more about AKGA Membership we invite you to continue reading below.

Breeder and Lifetime Member Benefits

As an organization, the AKGA has a lot to offer its members. We think you’ll find the following beneficial to you and your farming operation:

  • The AKGA is a tax-exempt, member-run organization.
  • The AKGA is the original Kiko registry and owns the original herdbook from New Zealand.
  • All AKGA purebreds are parentage verified via DNA at UC Davis.
  • AKGA registered goats are universally accepted for transfer to all other Kiko registries.
  • On-line goat registrations and transfers through a professional registry service.
  • Lowest registration costs in the industry.
  • Opportunities to participate in committees and on the board. As members, we shape our organization and determine its direction.
  • AKGA partners with university goat research programs and performance trials. We walk the walk.
  • Voting privileges on elections for the board and on matters of importance.
  • Online pedigree service enables you to quickly find information to help you in breeding and selling decisions.

Membership Types

Breeder Membership – A Breeder Member must be at least 18 years of age (if an individual) and own at least one (1) Association registered Kiko goat (purebred and/or percentage), capable of breeding. Breeder members pay discounted Registry Service fees.

Lifetime Breeder Membership – A Lifetime member must, (i) be a natural person, (ii) meet the requirements for Breeder Membership under Section 2.A., and (iii) pay the Lifetime Membership fee as determined by the Board of Directors. A Lifetime Member is entitled to all Breeder Membership rights for the natural lifetime of the person designated on the application. Notwithstanding, any other provision herein, Lifetime Membership is restricted to natural persons. Thus, a legal entity is not eligible for Lifetime Membership. Lifetime members pay discounted Registry Service fees.

Junior membership – A Junior Member must be a natural person younger than 18 years of age. Such membership shall expire upon fiscal year-end of the year in which the Junior Member attains the age of 18. Junior Members pay discounted Registry Service fees.

Associate Membership – An Associate Membership is open to any individual or entity that is not eligible or does not choose to hold either a Breeder or Junior Membership. The purpose of this membership is to encourage commercial ranchers to affiliate with the Association and the Kiko breed.

Honorary Membership – Honorary membership may be bestowed by the Board of Directors to any natural person or entity that in the opinion of the Board of Directors has promoted the Association and advanced the Kiko breed. The Board of Directors may also bestow Honorary Membership to any past member (individual or entity) that has made exemplary contributions to the Association and to the advancement of the Kiko breed. Honorary Members shall not be required to pay dues.

Click here to access the New Member Application.