AKGA Partners with Langston University to Host New Buck Test

January 16, 2019 by AKGA Webmaster

The AKGA is pleased to announce their partnership with Langston University to host the most impressive Buck Test yet. There will be more information coming....

2019 AKGA Conference and Showcase Sale

January 10, 2019 by AKGA Webmaster

2019 CONFERENCE AND SHOWCASE SALE FORMS 2019 Breeder Sponsorship Form 2019 Goat Consignment Form 2019 Sale Rules Schedule of Events & Speakers –....

AKGA Announces New DNA Sharing Agreement

December 10, 2018 by AKGA Webmaster

For the past few years, members who needed or wanted to dual-register a Kiko Goat were required to have duplicate DNA testing done at additional cost because....


Welcome to the American Kiko Goat Association!

Developed in New Zealand, Kiko Goats were imported to the U.S. and quickly established themselves as a hardy, parasite-resistant breed with excellent maternal traits. The American Kiko Goat Association is the original Kiko registry, founded in 1994 to promote the breed, and the members quickly steered the organization towards promoting data-driven breeding decisions and accurate registry services. In 2000, the Association bought the original herd book which means that every Kiko registry traces all of their animals back to AKGA animals.

In 2008, the AKGA members voted to reincorporate as a tax-exempt organization and obtained 501(c)(5) status from the IRS. This designation requires the Association to provide service to its members first and foremost, and the organization’s benefits may not inure to a specific person. Members control the direction and scope of the organization, maintaining the flexibility to adapt to changing environments and to respond quickly to the concerns of breeders and buyers. Today, the AKGA remains breed-focused, maintaining the highest proven parentage requirements of any goat registry in North America, giving you peace of mind that your investment is verified.

As a member-run organization, the AKGA draws on the expertise of its members, from animal science and business, to law and education and everything in between. Getting involved is easy. Join a committee or regional chapter, promote the breed at a local event, or serve on the board! You can also choose to just quietly breed some of the best goats in the world. As a member, you choose your level of involvement, but your input is always welcome.

Check out the benefits of membership and you’ll find that belonging to the AKGA is more than keeping track of pedigrees, its about belonging to a dynamic community and promoting the breed. Whether you are just starting out in goats or have been ranching awhile, the AKGA offers you the tools, support and networking for success.

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