2022 Nominations Opening

The President’s seat and 3 Board of Directors positions are expiring this 2022 year. Nominations are open from 3/20/2022 until 4/15/2022. Please email secretary@kikogoats.com your nominations for the President and vacating director seats.

Expiring – President – James Sanders

Expiring – Vice-President – Kellen Weissenbach

Expiring – Registrar – Matt Cantrell

Expiring – Treasurer – Karen Severn

After the new BOD is installed, they will elect the VP, Treasurer and Registrar positions from the newly seated Board of Directors., 

If you have a passion for Kiko’s, have time, willing to serve in shaping and growing the AKGA member ran association, please send a nomination in. 

Updated: March 18, 2022 — 7:59 am