2022 Secretary Note

Note from the Secretary: Happy New Year AKGA members!

Despite all the challenges surrounding an ongoing pandemic and uncertainties, the AKGA membership is strong. In the past year we have seen a record high number of members opting for Lifetime Membership. It is assuring to see AKGA members recognizing the benefits of the AKGA and having their Kikos in the “Original” Herd Book registry. If you’re new to Kikos and wondering what the benefits are of being an AKGA member, click this link and review the benefits and membership types.

AKGA – it means more! Think about it, it means more for your Kiko to be part of the “Original” Herd book. It means more to be part of a member ran organization. It means more for you with the lowest registration cost in the industry. It means more time for you with online electronic registration and transfer services.

I would also like to share that Karen Kopf, a former AKGA Director, currently holds the office of President for the American Goat Federation. She is representing the AKGA and members to all segments of the goat industry including dairy, meat, and fiber. The Kiko can assist in improving maternal, milk, parasite resistance, and meat production in all goat breeds

So, as a Reminder: It’s time to Renew or become a New AKGA member. The AKGA makes every effort to keep it simple and fast to maintain your membership with online electronic forms and online payment options using Credit Card, Debit Card or a PayPal account. Click this link and complete your membership form.
Start thinking about consignments that you want to place in the Great American Showcase sale and Annual Conference in Murfreesboro, TN, June 24-25 at the Lane Agri-Park. We look forward to a good conference, good fellowship, and lots of fine Kikos up for auction!

Get your entries selected and submitted for registration now. Don’t risk missing this sale because you’re waiting on DNA results to be returned. The sale consignment forms and rules will be published soon.

The Board of Directors and I look forward to a prosperous year and continued improvements to our organization.

Andy Roller
AKGA Secretary
(423) 258-4952

Updated: January 11, 2022 — 10:17 am