2024 AKGA Annual Meeting

Dear AKGA Members,

The American Kiko Goat Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the Kiko goat breed. As a member, your participation is vital to the success of the organization and the breed.

The last four years have been rough for our organization. We were forced to cancel two annual meetings and sales due to venues being closed during the pandemic, which led to reduced member involvement overall, including with one another. This year, the sale was canceled due to lack of interest from buyers and sellers.

As an organization, we have a lot to think about and many decisions to be made, including selecting new directors, recruiting new members, and setting the future goals of the organization. Therefore, we are scheduling the members annual meeting online through Zoom. I have created a Doodle Poll to select the best date and time for the meeting. If you are a paid member and have not received your email, please let the secretary know at secretary@kikogoats.com.

To facilitate communications, a google group email list for members only has been set up and you have been invited to join. This is a moderated list, so it will not fill up your inbox! Again, if you are a paid member and did not receive your invite, let the Secretary know!

Updated: July 3, 2024 — 8:26 am