2024 Annual Meeting and Showcase Sale

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the Board of Directors of the American Kiko Goat association (AKGA) has voted unanimously to cancel the upcoming Showcase Sale, which was scheduled for May 11, 2024 in Shawnee, Oklahoma.  With the growing number of organized sales throughout the US, the AKGA was unable to attract a reasonable number of consignments from our membership, and the Board of Directors felt that following through with the event would be costly and unproductive.

Since the Membership Meeting typically coincides with the Showcase Sale, we will be putting together an online membership meeting that will be conducted on an internet meeting platform (e.g. Zoom).  The date and schedule for this meeting will be determined in the next several weeks, and the membership will be notified and invited to join from the convenience of their computer.

Additionally, we are working to organize other informative seminars and demonstrations to aid members with their daily farm operations and assist with strategies for improvement of the Kiko breed.

Updated: March 16, 2024 — 9:23 am