Committee Opportunities

It’s been a while since we’ve seen you, but we want to change that! The AKGA is doing fine, even growing, during this challenging time. There are many opportunities for you to participate in your member-run AKGA. That’s right! Your participation is encouraged and needed! Let’s grow even stronger together.

Get involved!!

So, you want to see things happen? Let’s go! Right now we have four committees that need member involvement to be effective. As a committee member, you may be involved in regular or special board meetings in addition to committee meetings.

Sale & Convention Committee- Our annual Showcase Sale and Convention is our best opportunity to highlight our quality animals, introduce new people to the Kiko world, and learn more about all things goat. You do not have to be attending the sale to be an effective committee member. We need people to help with organizing speakers, making programs, and making this event a success. If you are near Murfreesboro, you might put together a list of local eateries and events. If you are new to AKGA or have never sold a goat, you can learn a lot! Contact Andy at

Scholarship Committee– The AKGA occasionally receives donations to the Scholarship Fund through money and through donations of animals/frozen assets to the Showcase Sale, enough to fund a scholarship or two. We need a few members to step up and help select members or children of members to receive a small scholarship next Fall to help with college expenses. You do not need special qualifications, just a willingness to make it happen! This is for Fall 2022 enrollment, so participation will not be a huge time taker. Contact Christina Morris at

Communication– The Board realizes that communication is not always as frequent and clear as it should be. The Communications Committee will be charged with assessing and providing communications and ideas for the AKGA, including a quarterly newsletter for members and a more active website. If you have writing skills, ideas, layout skills, or just want to learn more, please contact Karen Severn at

Performance Committee- Increasing pounds on the scale with fewer inputs is the Kiko way! Whether it’s ADG, mothering abilities, weaning weights or parasite resistance, we can always make improvements. Kikos are known as a performance breed and it’s time to put our numbers out there. We are looking for members to join this committee who have an interest in performance measurements and factors. Please contact Andy at

2022 Great American Kiko Showcase Sale & Convention

A great sale and convention depends on membership consigning, attending and promoting the event. Attending the event is the best way to gather and talk goat for a few days, meet the people you interact with online and see some great goats! This is a good time to consider bringing your best to the sale, so get the registration and DNA samples submitted soon so it will be complete long before the sale. . We will begin accepting consignments on February 1, 2022, for the sale on June 25 and forms will be published on the webpage. If you are new to goat sales and have questions, feel free to contact any board member for advice.

Visit our website for AKGA Resources and more information and updates on activities.

Thanks You!
The AKGA Board of Directors

Updated: January 24, 2022 — 2:28 pm