SCAM – Aware

Note from the Treasurer: Happy New Year AKGA members!

Social media and the Internet are great tools for connecting to one another, finding answers and selling goats. Unfortunately, there are people who want to steal your money as well!

Recently, profile “Kiko Herder” has used Facebook, Cash App and Messenger to try and sell people goats at cheap prices. Beware! And
“Kiko Herder” is not alone in trying to impersonate a genuine goat breeder.

When buying and selling goats, you should learn as much about the seller as possible before agreeing to anything! A bonafide seller of registered goats will welcome your questions. Some questions you should ask:

Are they a registered member of a breed association?
Do you have friends who know them?
Do they own the sire and/or dam of the goat they are selling?
Does the phone number match the one they gave you?

The AKGA provides tools on the website to help you, including the online AKGA Membership Database and the AKGA Online Pedigree Search (OPS)

This is a great time to review your own entry and renew your breeder membership for 2022 by January 31.

Online link to renew breeder membership

Karen Severn
AKGA Treasurer

Updated: January 15, 2022 — 6:19 pm