AKGA Partners with Langston University to Host New Buck Test

The AKGA is pleased to announce their partnership with Langston University to host the most impressive Buck Test yet. There will be more information coming in the near future, but here are a few items to help the breeders plan.
1) The test is open to all goat breeds.
2) The test will consist of 2 parts, the bucks will spend the first 6 weeks on pasture, and the second 8 weeks on feed in confinement.
3) The Doctors at Langston University will perform a parasite challenge on all bucks while they are in confinement.
4) Breeders are expected to be able to enter 5 bucklings per breeder. There is room for 200+ bucks.
5) Bucklings must be born between December 15th, 2018 and March 1st, 2019.
6) The cost will be $150/buck
7) Bucks will be dropped off at Langston University on the afternoon of June 13th and the morning of the 14th. The test will finalize the week of September 26th.

There will be more info coming soon which will include payout and prizes for the winners.

Resources and Additional Info:
Langston Buck Test Protocol/Rules & Drop off Directions

Updated: December 9, 2021 — 1:47 pm